Episode 10

Published on:

27th Oct 2021

Follow your Splenic Intuition

The Spleen is all about your survival!

Projectors and Manifestors with Splenic Authority are here to live in the moment and make decisions with their body, not their mind.

Start tapping into your own intuition and follow your natural instincts.

Ways to dive deeper and tap into your intuition.

The Atrium- Full program or Spleen Center A la carte

UNLOCKED -The Three Keys: To unfasten the lock of life. To open your soul or undo the conditioning. To feel free from the restraints or restrictions that have been placed on you.

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All things Human Design mixed with some fun and a dash of reality. Join me as we uncover the truth about who you're meant to be and mix it in with some down-home reality. Discover the true power of Human Design and experience how it can shift your life as we strip it down and expose your true self. You now have permission to BE!
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